Halloween Movies For The Faint At Heart

I know that Halloween is supposed to be centered around scaring people, but what about those who would rather enjoy the less frightening side of the holiday?  What happened to the the pumpkin carving and the candy eating?
For those of you who (like yours truly) cannot stand scary movies, do not fear;  your Halloween experience will not be ruined.  There are some hidden movie gems that are--albeit cheesy--perfect for a cool October night.

Mad Monster Party
Mad Monster Party? -- Baron Von Frankenstein (voice of Boris Karloff) has decided to retire as the head of the Worldwide Organization of Monsters. But first, he must inform the other monsters about his plans. How to deliver the news? How else - through a MAD MONSTER PARTY!:

This has always been a must-watch movie in my household.  It's like a mix between a Tim Burton film and a Dr. Seuss novel.  Odd, entertaining, and not the least bit scary, it's definitely a movie that you won't forget.

The Nightmare Before Christmas
"The Nightmare Before Christmas" > 1993 > Directed by: Henry Selick > Children's Family / Fantasy / Musical /  Musical Family / Animated Musical / Children's Fantasy / Creature Film / Animation:

One of the more well-known movies in this list, The Nightmare Before Christmas is an all-around enjoyable movie.  Plus, it never fails to put me in the holiday spirit!

The Addams Family

The Addams Family (1991)

You haven't lived until you've watched the antics of this hilarious family.  If Wednesday Addams doesn't make you laugh, I don't know who will.

Ghostbusters (1984)

If you really want a good laugh, rent Ghostbusters.  Trust me on this.

Tower of Terror
Tower of Terror (1997)

Tying in with the iconic Disney ride, this movie makes for an interesting watch.  Plus, what's better than a nineties movie?

Never fear:  not all Halloween movies feature demonic presences and murderers.

What are you watching this Halloween?



  1. I'm just like you about scary movies! I love tower of terror, ghostbusters, and the nightmare before christmas. I also love watching the halloween movies from the disney channel in the 90's. Check those out if you can!

    That's so Fletch Accessories

    1. Watching the re-runs of the old Halloween movies on Disney Channel was always one of my favorite things! I'm glad that I'm not the only scaredy cat!