August Faves

I usually begin these posts with a small declaration describing how short the month was, but I'm breaking tradition to declare that August seemed two years long.  Summer seems like a long-lost dream.  I hate to break it to you, August, but I'm more than ready for fall to set in!
Prep For A Day

1. Flowy Tops:  I've been loving the more casual approach to summer and early fall clothing;  a simple top and a nice pair of jeans can look surprisingly sophisticated. 

2. Idiom Bangles:  What's better than a good quote or phrase?  A good quote or phrase that's been stuck on a piece of jewelry, that's what!  I'm a little bummed that Kate Spade doesn't carry my absolute favorite idiom bangle anymore, but the newest bangles remain quirky and adorable.

3. Crystal Pleats:  They're so feminine, and with the right accessories, they could easily be transformed into a fall staple.  Pleated skirts are absolutely lovely.

4. Lists:  I've had to write at least two lists per day this month, so having a designated notepad for lists (and the lists of my lists) would be helpful.  In any case, Post-It Notes have always had my back.

Until we meet again, August.

Any faves from this month that you'd like to share?

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