July Faves

There was never a more fearsome sentence spoken than, "July is almost over."
For me, that signals one thing:  school starts in t-minus twelve days.  Am I ready to go back, assignments-wise?  Practically.  I actually enjoy the academic part of school, and I'll enjoy getting out of the house, but...there's always a part of me that wants to savor that extra hour of sleeping in.
In the meantime, I've rounded up a few things that I've been mentioning throughout the past thirty days (if you read my blog or follow any of my social medias, some of these will look a bit familiar).
Prep For A Day

1. Gallery Wall Art:  As I stated above, if you follow along with me on Instagram, Snapchat, or via blogging, you know that I was ecstatic when I finished up my gallery wall.  All of my prints arrived courtesy of Pinterest, but there are still millions of shops and boutiques that sell lovely wall prints (and I loved looking at those for inspiration).

2. Light Wash Jeans:  Since it's almost fall, I decided to try out one of the more recent fashion trends:  light wash jeans.  There are some shirts that cannot be worn with navy jeans or black leggings, and so I'm hoping that these will solve the problem.

3. Kendra Scott "Mystic Bazaar" Collection:  This new collection really is all the rave, and it isn't hard to see why.  From tassels to marble to everything in between, Kendra Scott really hit the nail on the head with this one.

4. Kate Spade School Supplies:  Last month I raved about Kate Spade's agendas, and this month I can't pass up the chance to rave about the company's school and office supplies.  Fun fact:  I want this gold stapler simply for the aesthetically pleasing element it could add to Instagram photos...

July, how you fly.

Any faves from this month that you'd like to share?

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  1. I have been wanting to get that Kate Spade stapler for the longest time. All of her school supplies are so adorable! xx, kenz

    1. I agree! I also love her pencil cup holders!