My mom is pretty amazing at being a mother (although I'm a bit biased).

I have no idea what kind of monster I'd be if she'd never been there to pull me through all of the bad times.  I also have no idea what kind of horrendous baker I'd be if she'd never pulled me aside and showed me how it was done.

The concept of Mother's Day is one of my favorites because we're being able to honor mothers of every generation, for being the best at what they do--and because of those little quirks that each mom has that makes them more unique.  My mom's definitely not your average housewife...

Madsie is a bit young for most of these, maybe next year. (And this little one looks so much like my girl!)


She sings.  She sings a lot.
Even if she has a sore throat, my mom's bound to be singing.  From arias to seventies music to Ariana Grande, she knows it all.  It's nice to have that extra bit of cheer in the household;  plus, it's pretty entertaining to join in!

She cooks and bakes even more than she sings.
My dad and I would most likely be starving out on the streets if not for Mom's wonderful cooking.  Who has a different assortment of baked goods for lunch every week?  Yours truly, that's who!

She has an enormous heart.
Besides the singing and baked goods, my mom's just an incredible person.  If you're in dire need, she'll help you, no matter the cost.  She's also very understanding, which I, as an annoying teenager, really appreciate.

Happy Mother's Day!


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