Being A Prep For A Week: 4/26/15 -- 5/2/15

Am I the only person who feels guilty about not studying enough?
Aside from that hypothetical pondering, this week was interesting, as always.  Thursday was my choir's spring concert, which was bittersweet because it was the seniors' last. However, it was very sweet for me because I found out that my best friend will not be moving away over the summer. Probably the best news ever!
Chorus Concerts -- Prep For A Day

I cannot wait to get Monday over with--a history test, a project due, and Ensemble tryouts after school.  Now I'll go back to reading and thinking about how I should be studying for the ACT, which I won't be taking for another seven months.
Spring Fever -- Prep For A Day
In the spirit of spring fever, "No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow."

How was your week?


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