March Faves

March didn't exactly meet my expectations.  My feet are itching to slip back into sandals and Chacos, but I was stuck wearing boots for the majority of this month. Hopefully, spring will come full-force next month.  Until then--March, it was nice knowing you.

March Faves

1. Old Navy Embroidery Hem Skirt:  I was just getting in on the embroidery trend for this summer, and then I found this skirt.  Not only is it comfortable, but also, the embroidery on the bottom is the perfect cobalt blue.  After a small dilemna about what top to pair it with, I found the perfect solution at Forever 21.

2. Old Navy Leather Sandals:  Alright, I will admit that I shopped at Old Navy a few times too many this month.  In my defense, I had been wanting a new pair of sandals for a while, and I found these...Again, perfection.  Perfect heel height, perfect color.  I should become an Old Navy advertiser.

3. Heroes of Olympus Series:  I was the biggest fan of the Percy Jackson series, and upon reading these books for the first time, I was a bit disappointed.  I've decided to give them another go, and they're quite enjoyable books.  Plus, being able to recap all of the scenes with my dad is an added bonus (he's a fan, too).

4. Baking:  Maybe I had an overdose of Cupcake Wars.  Whatever it was, all this month I've just wanted to bake.  Cookies, cupcakes, more cupcakes, etc.  At least baking's a relaxing activity, no matter how fattening...

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