February Faves

February is not my favorite month, but this one wasn't half bad. From junking out on Valentine's Day candy to snow days, this month was just lovely. For now, I'm looking ahead to springtime and flowers and long field trips. I'm also facing makeup work, essays, and tests, but as we all know, life is a give and take.
Just checked the weather report--snow predicted for Wednesday. For once, I hope the weathermen are wrong about snow...

February Faves

1. Duolingo:  Because I'm probably the biggest nerd ever, learning a new language in my spare time sounds like a great idea.  This app was recommended to me by one of my friends, and I love it!  It separates words into sections, which makes it easier to learn and comprehend them. Fair warning: this app is a bit like math--stop practicing, and you're in trouble!
2. Lilly Pulitzer Spring Line:  I find that everyone starts looking forward to spring around this time of the year, and what better way to do that than to check out Lilly's new spring line?!  The prints are very beautiful (as always), and the bathing suits are to die for.  I think I dreamt about this dress last night...
3. Harry Potter Series:  This is not a newer find, and I've actually read part of the series before. For some reason, I could never get past the fourth book.  One day this month I just picked up the first book and started reading, and now I'm to Order of the Phoenix. Reading is actually very relaxing to me, and I definitely recommend this series if you've never read it!
4. Anthropologie Monogram Mugs:  I know, I know.  Everyone has one, they were probably pictured in everyone's "Christmas pictures," and I'm pretty late on jumping on the bandwagon. I just think these mugs are very sophisticated, and I would in no way try to post a picture of one on my Instagram.  At all.  Ever.  On the subject of Anthropologie kitchen utensils, I need this cookie jar. Late Christmas present, anyone?

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