December Faves

In a tiny amount of time, 2014 will roll over into 2015.  As in, there will never be another 2014.  Ever.  Terrifying, much?  Still, I'm glad a new year is going to be started. To me, a new year means new and exciting opportunities.  Who knows what could happen?
While the old year's still here, I'll share a few of my favorites from this month (see if you can find a color trend--it'll take about five seconds to notice!).

December Faves

1. Patagonia Vest:  I might've mentioned before that my school has a very relaxed dress code.  In fact, most people wear t-shirts for 75 percent of the week.  I try to limit my t-shirt wearing to less than 50 percent of the week, but there are still days where I really, really don't want to dress up.  This vest is a good way to look a little more put together, while in reality, it's still a t-shirt day.

2. Peplums:  Peplums are the rage everywhere.  In the city, at school, and even in pageants, peplums are a favorite.  They are one of the few trends that actually looks good on me, so if I spot one I really like, I'm going to try and get it.  I spent a bit of my Christmas money on this peplum, and I'm already dreaming about wearing it!

3. Tulle Skirts:  Okay, I know what you're thinking:  didn't you stop wearing tulle when you were five?  Yes, and no.  Tulle happens to be a component of many pageant dresses, so it's hard not to wear it.  Also, I've seen some adorable pins lately that feature tulle skirts.  They're so Audrey Hepburn-esque!

4.  Cute Pajamas:  I guess I need to step up my sleepwear game, considering all the adorable pj shots I saw on Instagram Christmas morning. How adorable are these vintage pajamas from J Crew?  Now all they need is a monogram...

Any last-minute faves you've had this month?

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