November Faves

November just flew by, didn't it?  This month was super hectic, and I can only imagine what December will bring.  In fact, I get to kick off my December with an English poster presentation, a Biology test, and a History test all on the same day!  Let's just say I'm already missing November...

November Faves

1. Blanket Scarves:  If you get on Instagram for at least five seconds, you're bound to see one of these scarves.  I'm not a fan of the huge red and black ones, but this one from Kate Spade is a nice, soft neutral.  Hoping to see one in my future!

2. Ankle Booties:  Again, if you are ever on Instagram, you're bound to see someone wearing these.  I think they're absolutely perfect with a chambray shirt.  I've been searching everywhere for the perfect pair, and I think these scalloped ones from Jack Rogers hit the nail on the head.

3.  "1989" by Taylor Swift:  I love her so much more now that she's changed to pop.  "Shake It Off" was everyone's favorite (including mine), but after "Blank Space" was discovered, she bumped herself out of the top spot on the charts! Disclaimer:  listening to "Blank Space" may result in OSD, or Obsessive Song Disorder.  Unfortunately, no doctors are available at this time.

4. Tortoiseshell Watch:  Tortoiseshell is a very versatile fall-winter pattern, and this watch is a great way to incorporate it into everyday outfits.  In fact, I wouldn't mind painting the town tortoiseshell, if you know what I mean...

5. Kate Spade Maise Key Fob:  I love the purse too, but this key fob is just adorable (no wonder it's in the "Things We Love" collection).  I may or may not be inspired by my local Kate Spade store to want to use these as ornaments...

Any November faves you'd like to share?

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